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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> karen >> i'm going to be right there with guy i like merck fun to be here with you here, mel. >> ladies in the house thanks for watching "fast money. we'll see you back here tomorrow "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make it so you don't lose too much money. my job is not just to entertain, but now educate and teach. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc, or tweet me at #madtweets china is back in lockdown mode
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for key cities deeply linked with commerce, especially tech after years of easy money, the fed will start raising rates this week to stem inflation. long-term rates, the ones the fed doesn't control zoomed higher in a tremendous bond market the economy is taking a reeling from higher oil prices and earnings may not be as robust as they have been if that weren't enough, today we had a death cross to the s&p 500 where the 50-day moving average closed below the 200-day moving average. for those who are technically inclined, that's real bad. it's one of the worst moments i can recall in ages with massive breakdowns in almost everything tech hence the dow closed up just one measly point the nasdaq continues to be pummelled, this time 2.04% even after the bell we had devastating losses like that of cooper software, a one red-hot cloud procurement play a value after a small forecast miss yeah, it's that kind of market not just a tough market. it's an awful market
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times like these, what do i do i always like to focus on what could go right because everyone i just told you, everyone knows and trades all the time too many bears everything keeps going wrong can at times mean too much negativity versus the fundamentals, as you will hear with tonight's guests. the company is growing at twice -- actually you can argue three times. so what about could go right let's take a look. number one, well, we could get a break in the russian war against ukraine. i would say it's possible, but recent history suggests it's unlikely when you look at russia's behavior in the two chechen wars or its more recent involvement in syria, you see a reckless disregard for human life putin got away with it in chechnya because chechnya is officially russian territory he got away with it in aleppo because the west didn't want to get involved in another endless war in the middle east, particularly syria
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the west simply doesn't care what he does even if nato wanted to get involved, he knows he has ways to squeeze our european alleys with germany in particular coming to be heavily dependent on natural gas because they simply screwed up in getting off their own carbon russia still has that huge nuclear weapon pile. so far the ukrainians have held up incredibly well i salute them. since russia's army is struggling, i see him taking a page from chechnya wreck major cities in artillery attacks to keep their own soldier death down this man has committed war crimes in broad daylight and nothing happened looks like he'll do the same thing in ukraine unless they can buck all odds and win. even if he wins, he needs to occupy a country of 44 million people a terrorist state with enforces. he's got them, what end? i hope the peace talks go somewhere, but at this point i think putin is trying to maintain his image as a strong man.
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chinese parties insist on using chinese vaccines, know they don't work as well as american ones now shutting down a city again the fact that americans still buying chinese stocks shows how naive the west is towards china. more on that later what matters is they have a huge covid outbreak in shenzhen, which is a huge city i hope we can get back in later. very difficult to dump tech and down say 7 1/2% or 11%, buy it right back i wish i could be that surgical. but this particular parade of horribles, the least horrible is the fed because unlike the leaders of china and russia, jay powell is on our side. no, that doesn't mean he is running with the bulls in pamplona it does mean he'll be circumspect what to do because the economy is more fragile than the hawkish critics. how far behind the curve is powell given that we're beginning to see a slowdown in discretionary spending leftovers from covid are running out fast powell is trying to hit the brakes just hard enough to tamp down on inflation so the economy
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comes in for a fabled soft landing. it can happen, but it won't be easy why? because so much is going wrong, it's out of powell's hands hampering auto, housing, commercial, construction, many other industries those problems aren't going anywhere and the shutdown of shenzhen sure doesn't help. then there is the earnings situation, or maybe the lack of earnings situation as it chiefly hurts the nasdaq, companies that don't actually make money when you factor in all the stocks they just issued stock to pay their employees. it doesn't count as i've been saying since november, the fed changed the game when they started talking tough. unless you're investing in companies, provide real service and can turn an actual profit, you're going to be in real trouble, said the first investment club meeting. i started with it. as negative as it sounded, it turns out i was being too generous most of the companies that came public in the last year and a half didn't make money lots of tech companies did it's in retrospect, we paid too much for those tech companies.
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this market is no friend to stocks that played at higher price-to-earnings multiples, even if it doesn't hate them as much as price to sale stocks like the single dollar stocks with so many 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 stocks look at them you see. oh, and the darlings of the covid era? dreadful the winners, and peloton act as if they're never going to be used again but doordash, square, trulio, itsy, they trade like it's all over but the shouting. we know they could ultimately make fortunes for shareholders but even tech companies that are making fortunes, apple, who wants to take a chance with a flyer like twilio? there is always a bull market somewhere. right now it's in health care and recession. recession-resistant product plays that can handle inflation. two groups, health care and super products that's just great. there is another bull market taking a break these days, oil
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and gas. i think the fossil fuel names are buyable. tomorrow morning profit-taking is going to be heavy at the moment it accounts for less than 4% of the s&p 500. i think it could double that given the dividend potential i want to be a buyer for the investing club tomorrow with oil. still, if there is so much going wrong out there, why stick your neck out why even for a moment debate it? i'll give you three reasons, okay these are things i learned 35 years ago. first one is time. yeah, i'd say that you have -- we need to get through this tough period and we will get through it, even if you don't like the outcome from wall street's perspective that matters is -- let's say what matters is that the war in ukraine ends, not wins we need to see the fed make its move and see stock prices go down to levels where there are no more frightened sellers who want out, no matter what the case, which is what it feels like right now we also need everyone to believe that the market can only go lower. we need wholesale capitulation,
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crescendo selling like when covid hit, or maybe even when the big banks were almost done in 2009. only then can get a sustainable rally. so time has to pass. price has to go down, and sentiment has to get even uglier wow. i know tall order, but that's what it takes. bottom line, fortunately because the sentiment is already so negative, that bottom could come sooner than you think. i like to see this lower and like to see this go out further. jack >> thanks for taking my call. >> of course what's up? >> caller: buying dividend they have a good track record. kmb, kimberly-clark. >> all right i was going over this with my writing colleague matt when you see it yield 4%, it's historically been the right thing do it yields almost 4%. let's be a little cherry, wait until it goes a little lower but if you wanted to buy some right now, heim not going to be against it they did not have a good quarter. but if the fed really slams the
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brakes on too hard, you're going to say why didn't jim say buy kimberly-clark let's go to richard in new york. richard. >> caller: yeah, jim, greeting from snowy rochester, new york. >> perfect >> caller: jim, thank you for all your hard work and waking up so early in the morning and sharing your knowledge with us >> thank you >> caller: question is on ebay do you think ebay stock will go down now because there is a new law requiring sellers to receive a 1099k form, and there is many, many mom and pop sellers leaving ebay because they're tired of taxes and now another tax. when they're no longer selling ebay, ebay sales will go down and maybe the stock too. what do you think? >> well, i think the stock is anticipating exactly that. it does sell at 12 times earnings candidly, in this market, that could sell down even lower, maybe 10 times earnings. so i'm going to tell you i don't like ebay that much. it is not expensive. it's got there on price.
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we hear obviously that you are saying some things that taking out in time will be bad. but the sentiment on ebay is still too bullish. all right. what we need to mount a sustainable raul is wholesale capitulation over time and price. everyone believes the market can only go lower. everyone everybody you meet on the street, subway, wherever, airplanes, they must think it's going to go lower. and that's how you get a bottom sooner than you think. on "mad money" tonight, dutch bros hit the market last year. so is the oregon-based coffee chain the jolt of energy your portfolio needs? i'm taking it to the ceo and an industrial like honeywell has a long and storied history and with tech continuing to get wrecked, the best reporting semiconductor company is marvel tech who cares? i got the ceo. you make up your mind. stay with cramer ♪ don't miss a second of "mad
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♪ >> late last year after hundreds of ipos and mergers, we were pretty much done with new issues i told you to pass on nearly all of them because they were too expensive. and sure enough, the whole class of 2021 has been crushed here, along with a lot of other stocks a along with many other stocks but there was one ipo that truly tempted me, dutch bros the oregon-based chain of
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drive-through coffee shops which i know and love from my time visiting my daughter out there in ashland still, not long after it came public, i told you dutch bros was too pricey at 253. since then it has fallen to 248, which means we were right to wait, but it's never really pulled back that much versus the rest of the ipos why? because dutch bros keeps putting up excellent numbers two weeks ago they had 10% same store sells and a record new 35 store openings in the fourth quarter, which is pretty fast considering they only had 538 locations in the last year this has taken the country by storm. even though the market has turned against growth stocks, this one has held up surprisingly well. should you be a buyer here 180 lockup expressions in let's take a close look at joth jricc, and joth is the president and choe of dutch bros mr. ricci, great to have you you on dutch bros was not invented in a day.
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you guys have been around a long time. >> we just celebrated our 30th anniversary in february. it is -- it's a 30-year new business >> well, let me ask you. when i discovered dutch bros probably seven years ago, i was shocked. i loved it my daughter loved it she, by the way, she is a freeze i'm an annihilator i want to do the 9/11. these are all famous drinks out there. you have to believe me why did it take so long for you guys to start going national >> well, i think that over the decades of growth i think that to our founder's credit, i think they were really managing a business, but more importantly they were managing and protecting a culture i think that this business was built on the backing of an amazing culture and amazing service, and they just didn't want to take a mass approach and spread it all over the place they were very carefully cure rating this with an amazing group of franchisees, and an
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amazing team along the way and then about five years ago, i think that there was thisunloc kind of ready to happen. and that was really when our founder travis really decided that it was time to take that next step. and here we are. >> now you moved into texas. now you're going into nashville. when new york? >> new york is, as i've told our investors in new york, it could be a long time before we get there, because we're going to stay very disciplined on the plan that we have in place we've got a great road map we've talked about 4,000 locations. as we think about the geography and where we want to be, we're going to stay very disciplined in what we want to do. >> so we should not be concerned about the need to raise equity or sell some debt in order to be able to keep these expansion plans going? >> i don't think so. we just took out a pretty big line of credit with our bank partners, and i think we're well suited for financing growth, for well into the future i think we're in a really good
6:18 pm
spot >> all right so let's talk about how you're not a real estate play the dutch bros i know were kiosks in malls, basically, mall parking lots i can't think of a more -- a less expensive, more convenient place to be. you are at the intersection of quality and convenience. so tell us about how you place your stores. >> well, i think that over the years, i think we've evolved in how we look at locations but, you know, we have -- we basically have built out a model. we do some great technology that's in place today about how you do real estate finds we've kind of evolved from windshield tests of driving around cities and saying that would be a great dutch bros location to using more automated systems and kind of looking at where we could land long-term. so as we've mapped out the 4,000 stores, we've actually mapped every trade zone that we want to go in with where we're at. so we want to be -- listen, this is a traffic and people game,
6:19 pm
right? in order to do some of the volumes we do, you've got to be around those people. and as we've gone into new markets, we've certainly found that our model has worked really well as we've gone into texas and southern california and even into kansas city and nashville so we're feeling good about the recipe that we put in place to grow >> i just want to be sure i heard right. you've already sketched -- you've done the work to see where you could be in the stores >> to be successful you have to have a great plan. and i think part of having a great plan is understanding your trade zones, understanding where you want to go, why you want to go there, and what's going to make that successful and for us to execute, you know, we're going to be very -- we're going to operate very efficiently and be very specific about what we do, when we do it, and why. and i think that's been the recipe for dutch bros over the last 30 years. and it will continue to be that recipe we're just going to do it in a bigger scale >> one last thing, and it's personal observation we visited the same when my
6:20 pm
daughter lived in ashland, we would visit the same dutch bros several times in a year. and they always knew my drink. now i don't live out there they always knew i liked the annihilator. what kind of people are you hiring and this was not just one dutch bros, because we were addicted what kind of people are you hiring >> i think -- i tell a lot of people we're in the people business and we plug in to real estate. we are not in the real estate and plugging people into it. so our culture is really built from the ground up every day and we have now almost 20,000 employees around the country and you know, we also grow from within so our leaders who are out there hiring, our leaders that are out there growing new markets, our leaders and franchisees in existing markets, they've been with the company now 5, 10, 15, 20 years, and they understand the recipe of the type of people, but also the development and the coaching that it takes
6:21 pm
to bring people up to speed of what it takes to be a great service model for dutch bros so we have amazing people. we have an amazing growth system, and we have an amazing culture that we're driving with. and we just happen to plug beverages into it. >> got you >> but really, our focus is on development of people. >> i want to think you, joth ricci, president and ceo of dutch bros give my daughter and i a lot of good times i think you're going give the stock market a lot of good times too. great to meet you. thank you. >> thank you, jim. >> i know all growth stocks are hard right now maybe you just have to think wait a second. i'll wait until i see it come down a little, but i've got to tell you, you've got a big growth plan, you have the right culture, and you know what it's american. you don't have worry about china. you don't have to worry about russia "mad money" is back. coming up, can a stalwart conglomerate navigate recent shocks, or will global tensions prove too tough to make
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investors sweet on honeywell cramer's at the nasdaq with the ceo, next. i lost 26 pounds and i feel incredible. with the new personalpoints program, i answered questions about my goals and the foods i love. i like that the ww personalpoints plan is built just for me. join now, pay later. get your first 3 months free at hurry! offer ends march 14th.
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you get up to 10 times the speed at no extra cost. verizon is going ultra, so your business can get more. what do you do with the stock of a company like honeywell? i think this is one of the best-run industrials in america. its core aerospace and climate controls for commercial buildings division, they'll get hit during the pandemic but still very profrtaitable they have some of the most important parts of these new lng trains, it's hard to get credit for the future in a defensive market like this one, even as we are willing to wait longer term for the charitable trust, which you can follow by joining the cnbc investigating club. after reporting, what's it going
6:26 pm
to take for this one to make a comeback earlier we caught up with darius adamczyk, the chairman and ceo of honeywell take a look. darius, good to see you in person it is really remarkable. i want to get right to it. i think there is a next frontier honeywell that we should be talking about, because it's not going to be that far next may mean two, three years differentiated solutions, digit station, esg for others, building software as a service where do we see honeywell going? and does it move the needle now or should it move the needle a couple of years from now >> well, first of all, great to see you, jim, in three dimensions that's exciting. >> it is exciting. >> within honeywell, we have something called breakthrough initiatives, which are future-oriented technologies some will generate revenue now some will generate revenue three, five, ten years from now. and we've had five of these that we incubated as sort of things, key technologies that have
6:27 pm
become businesses. quantum computing is one uam is another honeywell connected enterprises yet another, all about digitization internally and externally within honeywell. this is kind of how we operator. we kind of balance and deliver the short-term, but we also have a view for the future. where is the world going, three, five, ten years from now and make investment there's such that the next person who leads honeywell has a full stock of technologies that are relevant. >> i think you've been held back because of this, and yet should it be the opposite i think if you're only going to be the current honeywell aerospace, defense, things that are great, by the way. i'm not saying the process controls are bad i'm not saying that building technology but you have to plant the seeds. >> absolutely. i firmly believe that. and yes, frankly, if i cut off a lot of these future initiatives, we could print higher eps this year and probably have greater
6:28 pm
free cash flow but the fact is i view it as a responsibility of being a ceo to not just plan for today and maximize today you really have to maximize five years from now and ten years from now and that's what's exciting i mean honeywell is a leader in quantum computer. >> i got to stop you that's a trillion dollar market. i read it over and over again, darius i don't understand it. please help me >> well, quantum computing can solve problems that current, traditional computers simply can't solve. and it's in the area of molecule research or root optimization or crypt cryptography these are all problems that simply can't be solved with traditional computers. and now we brought to be our honeywell hardware for the quantum computer combined with the leading software platform, we merged these two companies, and now we have a leading platform and by the way, jim, this is real this is going to generate double-digit of million revenues this year. so this is not some fictionary
6:29 pm
thing that's going to happen >> your predecessor wrote a great book, "winning now, winning later" this is part of the current honeywell is winning now winning later are the things we're talking about. >> precisely they believed this i believe in it. you have to have a long-term view and a short-term view meaning you have to deliver today, but you also have to invest for the future. that's something that i've maintained and probably accelerated to be honest >> well, i think your fantastic investment, i invite everything everyone to look, you raised sales growth in the app. you wouldn't be doing that unless some of these things are paying off. >> absolutely. as you know in our investor day, we just bumped up our financial algorithm, increased our projected sales growth, increased our margin performance, exciting cash flow generation it's based on all the things we've been working on in terms of technology and the breakthrough initiatives we've talked about, but also a lot of the productivity things. and honeywell is now a very
6:30 pm
balanced company in terms of spending a lot of time generating breakthrough growth technologies, but also maintaining the productivity we've always had through digitization and other issues. >> one of the things that bothers me about honeywell, the perception $4 billion a buyback $25 billion in buy power why can't you spend this money so it makes honeywell great in 2025 and 2026? what's wrong with that >> i certainly think it's the right thing to do. honeywell, you have a very compelling investment. our same matches are do. we've got a great balance sheet that we're exited instead of for deployment over the course of the next three years we think our stock is a bargain right now, and that's why we're buying $4 billion worth of shares this year and we're going to grow faster we're going to generate more profit i think the story is pretty complete, and i think pretty compelling >> is aerospace and defense, which i've always loved honeywell for as important as it used to be >> aerospace is always
6:31 pm
important. it's a part of our portfolio and whether it's commercial aviation, business aviation, which by the way is a very important part of our portfolio, and i think is going to be the long-term winner post-covid. it's -- that segment is doing really well. and probably we're a little bit more i would say cautious and defense and space, that segment. but obviously that algorithm has changed substantially just in the course of the last few weeks. >> something near and dear to both our harts and can be done correctly, environmental, social, the goals. i think a lot of people tell me that their buildings are cleaner. they tell me that they've cut greenhouse gas did you hire honeywell how do you know? that's what honeywell does will there come a time when people are saying that's not true where's the honeywell? >> well, we absolutely need a system of record for managing and modern greenhouse gas emissions. just to give you specific examples what we're doing today is
6:32 pm
installing in one of our own manufacturing facilities, process plants, a system of sensors which actually monitors real-time emissions and has a system of record in the cloud where we can actually say what the emissions are any given day, hour, year and it becomes real rather than some backup computations we're going to need a system of record >> i'm tired of companies telling me that they are 100% carbon-free. i want to see those numbers. because those interest numbers that will tell me if it's real or whether they're just trying to fool us, which by the way, darius, i think a lot of people are trying to fool us. >> well, i can't comment on everybody else i can only talk about what we've done we have reduced our -- by 90% our greenhouse gas emissions we're a company that cares about energy savings and what's really exciting, we talked about this at our investor day we can be the company that provides the transition from the current hydrocarbon intensive
6:33 pm
sources of energy to much more sustainable sources in the future we're just going have to do that gradually. >> just current stuff. russia pulling out, doing the right thing. costly >> yeah, it has some implications, but it's the right thing to do. it's a little north of 1% of our overall shares our manufacture presence there is relatively small. it's two manufacturing so we'll see what happens. we're monitoring the situation i think it's anybody's guess as to what happens next. >> supply chain, raw materials >> yeah, we've actually done a good job protecting that business titanium is something we watch very closely some of the components there but we've been a little ahead of the game in source and supplies. so we're in pretty good shape there. >> care about the fed or just going about your business? >> i think the fed is justifiably raising rates. in my opinion, it's probably overdue. i'm glad to see it's going to happen likely going to happen it sounds like it's a quarter point.
6:34 pm
and it's going to hopefullyslo down inflation because we're all seeing it. it's accelerating. and i'm frankly glad to see the fed actually raising rates >> last question $25 billion up in the air. i can't ask you to break it here but you're going to do something. >> absolutely. in the near term, we're buying back our shares. we're at a great entry point but we're going to be mna as well one of the things, our investor trust, we're going to be doing smart acquisitions once you spend the money, it's irreversible and the acquisition isn't smart, you can't take it back >> darius adamczyk, chairman and ceo of honeywell look at this shaking hands. hey, the new world thank you very much. >> thank you >> coming up, headwinds may be blowing fierce in the face of this chip maker. does cramer's previous buy call hold up? he's got the ceo, and we find out, next.
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ehhh, i don't think so. and i'm never wrong about this stuff. never.
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we've got so many beaten down tech stocks in this market, but are any of them work picking at you know my rule when the fed is getting ready to raise interest rate, you circle the wagons around profitable companies that make real stuff that applies to plenty of tech names too. take marvel technology that makes chips for storage, 5g networks and even the auto industry this is stock we've sowned for the charitable trust since 2019. it's now at 60, although it's come down huge from the low 90s thanks to the sell-off over the last few months. that includes an ugly 4.5% decline today as all the semis were for sale. marvel reported a fabulous
6:39 pm
quarter this month magnificent 68% revenue growth a very bullish forecast for the current quarter. but you can buy the stock at a fife-hour discount versus where i was before earnings. even better, marvel sells for just 25 times earnings i have to laugh because you shouldn't be able to get it at this price it's practically a value stock at these levels. given the sell-off, no one wants to hear the good side. let's hear the good side let's check with matt murphy, the president and ceo of marvel technologies mr. murphy, welcome back to "mad money. >> hey, jim. great to be here thanks >> so matt, you pretty much hit it on every single line. you beat everything. you have five segments that you trounce. could you walk us threw so that people understand that your company is doing well, even if the stock's been hit >> yeah, thanks, jim companies performing extremely well if you look at our results, it was a solid beat and raise that was already off of very
6:40 pm
strong guidance we had provided, you know, last quarter so even a step up from there and to your point, all five of our end markets were up and performing well. in particular, the data center end market, which has just been on fire, jim >> so let's look at the data center people trying to figure out why the data center stocks are going down i come back and say that really at this point nothing to do with data center. this is still the hottest area then the rebuttal is it must be slowing. matt, it's not slowing at all. >> no, not at all. i think on a couple of factors, if you just look at it at the top level, jim, the largest cloud operators are going to spend significant cutbacks in calendar 22 to continue to expand their offerings whether that's for their traditional internet services for cloud computing, you name it, all of them have very strong capital expenditures planned and that's fundamental
6:41 pm
underpinned if you look at it from the semiconductor technology that's required to enable all these services in this build-out so we see cap x as being very strong and demand very strong from the cloud and on top of that, we're a share gainer we're adding more content. we're in new applications. so there is even an accelerated growth on top of the end market growth >> carry infrastructure, equally as hot >> yeah. that's where our 5g business is, jim, which i think you mentioned early on you've been in the stock for some time at the early stage of the 5g cycle. in this past quarter, in q4, that business was up over 30% sequentially sequentially >> sequentially. you're talking about quarter to quarter. >> sequentially. quarter to kwoert quarter in g
6:42 pm
4. so and we see actually our 5g revenue continuing to accelerate through this year, including a very strong second half. so 5g is performing extremely well on the basis of our new products, on the content gains we saw in this new lead cycle and customers adopting our products, along with new applications that you're starting to hear about like virtualized ran, which you're getting the large cloud operators and nontraditional t telecom players like dell there is a whole application that marvel is helping to power. >> does it matter that a major city in china has a bad covid problem? >> well, i think more broadly, jim, if you look at the situation in china, the lockdowns certainly have the potential to have all kinds of disruption, okay, in the electronics industry in particular, in shenzhen, which i visited many, many times
6:43 pm
over my career, it's a city of 17, 18 million people. so there will be some disruption but let's just take a step back. since the beginning of the pandemic, the entire semiconductor industry has been battling with various supply chain disruptions. everything from the initial lockdowns to other impacts we've seen, particularly in southeast asia and the industry's rallied and certainly marvel has rallied, even though we're still supply constrained. if you look at our organic revenue growth, if you include in 5 plus marvel together, we're growing the company in the high 30% range. so we're continuing to get more supply but demand continues to outstrip it a lot of challenges in the world, jim it's not going away any time soon >> do we have to worry about a neon shortage? a shortage in neon because of russia >> well, i think -- i look into the deeper into the supply chain. a number of the companies that
6:44 pm
are critical suppliers that utilize neon have done a fair degree of stockpiling. that's my understanding. and so to the extent that those stockpiles are well-positioned, you know, the industry should be able to adapt. but we have to see what happens. i think we're on an unprecedented time both with respect what's going on in russia and the ukraine, as well as the disruptions now kind of coming full circle again in china. it will continue to be a dynamic environment to manage through. >> all that said, let me just do the math you're a 30% grower selling for 20 times net people say that's expensive, matt, don't know this business i've been in it for 40 years very rare that you find this kind of dislocation. i think it has to play out, matt i really do. it has to play out i don't know what else to say. >> i think so. when we indicated the 30% number, by the way, for the year we're in, that was in our last
6:45 pm
earnings call. and if you look at our q1, we're already tracking ahead of planned. the 30% that we had guided did not even include the acquisition we did of a company called novium which we said would layer in an additional $150 million of revenue. and then you look out into calendar '23 and '24, and we see very robust demand from all of our design wins we've gotten, in the cloud, in 5g, in automotive. so this is a story that's going to continue for many years we're just going to stay heads down and focused on executing on our business >> exactly what we need. well, look, matt murphy, i appreciate you coming on i appreciate you also waiting. i know you reported last week. the president and ceo of marvel technologies guys, if i hear that technology is expensive once more, i look at this company. i can't get this kind of discount on this kind of growth. thank you, matt. >> yeah, thanks, jim
6:46 pm
>> okay. "mad money" is back after the break. >> coming up next -- >> let's make money together what have we got >> cramer is bringing the thunder and answering your burning questions in today's edition of the "lightning round. ♪♪ making friends again, billy? i like to keep my enemies close. guys, excuse me. i didn't quite get that. i'm hard of hearing. ♪♪ oh hey, don't forget about the tense music too. would you say tense? i'd say suspenseful. aren't they the same thing? can we move on guys, please? alexa, turn on the subtitles. and dim the lights. ok, dimming the lights. alright, so...cordless headphones,
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6:50 pm
bob? >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah. >> boo-yah >> caller: a while back i bought a nucor stock. sold it for a nice profit earlier last week. and now i see on the investment club you trimmed your position on nucor >> indeed we did trim. just so you know, and thank you for being a member of the club, we had such a huge gain in nucor, and we see opportunities that we want to get ready for if the fed raises and the market comes down and quitting some tech, but most likely in areas that are not tech nucor is up gigantically, and we felt like beulls make money, bears make money and hogs -- joe in new york? >> caller: first time caller here. >> very good. >> caller: i have a question i want to get your opinion st-t-o-r and how does it compare
6:51 pm
to putting money in the s&p long-term? >> well, look. one of the problems with this is i could tell you to buy it or i could say buy retail income which i like very much this yields 4.5. that one yields 5. the problem is it could yield 5.5. it could yield 6 i see no necessary a bottom. so i got to say not yet. price and time how about eric in florida. eric >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i wanted to ask you about snapshot. >> when square crushes the numbers and stock goes down, snap, which didn't crush the numbers, it's going down even more i say no to owning snap. oh my god, twitter finally bottomed, maybe. how about richie in new york richie >> caller: jim, thank you for having me on the show. boo-yah to you. >> boo-yah. >> caller: listen, scott's m miracle grow is nearing a t two-year low
6:52 pm
>> gardening season is around the corner with 12 times earnings i don't know what can i say that's an inexpensive stock, right ahead of garden season i would recommend you buy loews bec -- lowes. i need to go to robin in texas robin? >> caller: yes, hello, jim i'm a long-time fan of yours. >> thank you. >> caller: and a former philadelphian. >> oh, wow. >> caller: and have i stock i'm really concerned about i have several questions about it it's enterprise products partners, epg. >> i just finished the work, thank you, rusty brazil. i just finished the work on this this has a yield that is almost 8% that is doing incredibly well that i like very much. it's right in the center of all the stuff i like down in houston. and down in texas in general and i got to tell you, it could beat the numbers and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round"! [ buzzer ]
6:53 pm
>> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade >> coming up, cramer explains why investors who went all in on china should have known better a cautionary tale on dancing with dictators, next ♪ ♪ ♪
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after 17 years of doing this, i can tell you nobody wants to hear that some stocks are simply uninvestable because they're too dangerous. right now nothing is more dangerous than owning chinese stocks unless of course russian stocks russian hasn't even bothered to open the stock exchange. they're not even trying anymore because they're under a financial blockade china is different, though chinese stocks keep finding foreign buyers who believe you must own something from the second largest economy in the world. i used to share the sentiment. but i've been warning you away from these names for years and
6:57 pm
years because they're too ruisky asia-pacific research just this morning downgraded and alibaba. three chinese e-commerce stocks that have fallen dramatically out of favor and are facing serious problems at home thanks to a government that is going back to its communist roots. alibaba stock is down 25%. jd off 29. i know we have plenty of hideous stocks right here in america like that. but the problem with the chinese stocks is the trajectory was far uglier alibaba was 2019 to 43 today. plunged from 212 in february of last year to 25 today. i totally agree with jp morgan's downgrades here. they could have made the same arguments at much higher levels, though better late than never my real beef and the ones that were still committing russia
6:58 pm
stocks is these are countries, countries that are just uninvestable not just equities that are unsoutheastable over the next six to nine months no matter how much you belief in a chinese internet company, it doesn't change the hostile political landscape. last year i told you to avoid all chinese stocks because china's augthoritarian governmet made a major change. they spent 40 years promoting a market and suddenly remembered this is supposed to be a people's republic. a few days after dd listed, they started this really, they listed the stock right over then they did it they destroyed it. i wasn't ready for it. they decided it's a bad thing for a business to be too profitable, something we've been hearing a lot of from the regime you can't put too much faith in any one service. at the end of the day, china cannot be trusted as a stock market it's a communist country with a
6:59 pm
limited history of buying and selling equities sure, people make good money there for decades. but that's only because their government allow you'd to make money. it's part of their development strategy back then china needed to attract foreign investment now they're not dependent on foreign investment the rules have changed as for russia, don't even get my started. third rate kleptocracy run by a complete psych poo papt and his cronies. there are always money managers who think they know how to outsmart these governments there are also index funds that need some exposure, nonbusiness friendly regimes by default. i feel like this kind of standard is crazy. that doesn't invest in countries that committed egregious crimes against humanity just a thought i think anyone who owns chinese stocks in this era deserves their losses they didn't think twice about
7:00 pm
dictators who have total control over the country, including the stock markets. there are enough ways to lose money out there. why lose it in countries where you know that the government offers no rights to shareholders or even to their own people? i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it for you just here on brutal strikes on civilians in the ukrainian capital city, as the attacks move west i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc putin's war inching closer to nato territory the new strikes in western ukraine and direct assaults on civilians in kyiv. >> you can see what it's done to the building imagine if you're inside that. moscow asking china for military help in ukraine the new u.s. intelligence as the white house delivers a warning to beijing. a suspected serial killer targeting amer


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